Chapter 5 The Toy as an Object

Toys and the person-at-play

The outer atmosphere and the universal environment contain 5 levels:

  • Resource
  • Technology
  • Heredity
  • Event
  • Time



Explanation of the model:

Toy production is conditional on internal and external factors.

Beyond the production and play, there is AN EXTERNAL ATMOSPHERE AND A UNIVERSAL ENVIRONMENT.

The external factors are placed in the “shell” (circle in the model) within whose boundaries (in the eco-social environment) the process itself occurs.

The external factors include:

  • TIME (the historical period) in which it is produced
  • HEREDITY that which predates this particular toy’s appearance (object history)         
  • EVENT (or special situation) which motivated its production
  • RESOURCES the various materials available within the relevant geographic area
  • TECHNOLOGY (or lack of technology) used to produce it.



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