Gender-specific attributes and differences in toys

  1. Girls are organised in girl-to-girl friendships(pairs and threesomes). Boys are organised within a “gang culture” and in group membership.
  2. Girls display a community of identity. Boys display a community of interests.
  3. Girls seek mutual confirmation in order to feel accepted. Boys seek mutual admirationand recognition in order to feel accepted.
  4. Girls’ organisation is not visible or is random in a “flatly” organised structure. Boys’ organisation is open, visible, a hierarchywith rules.
  5. The girls admire each other’s personal, intimate qualities. The boys admire each other’s personal performance qualities.
  6. Girls are relationship and situation-oriented: For them the process is essential. Boys are actionand case-oriented with the product as the central parameter.
  7. Girls are speech and process-oriented. Boys are informationand product-oriented.
  8. Girls dream of transformationand acquisition. Boys dream of conquest and administration.
  9. Girls appreciate the aesthetics of beautywhilst boys appreciate the aesthetics of victory.
  10. The girls play in scenes and within limited areas. Boys play actionand in unlimited areas.



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