Chapter 15 Different Experiences - "The Situation Aspect"



The list of reasons why consumers acquire a toy also includes a desire “to experience something new and to bring oneself into certain situations, suddenly to be in certain situations which are refreshing, create excitement and interest and which build relationships.

Experience is an important factor in modern childhood. Creating the experience is therefore an important element in a toy’s existence.

“Translation of the experience” is needed in order to make the connection to the actual states which make up the situation experienced.

Immediate experiences of situations occur in either a spontaneous or a planned form through exclusive relationships, daily life and festive occasions and dynamic encounters which together emphasise the relationship values.

However, consumer culture itself requires translation because consumption per se is expected to be an experience.

For these reasons, this chapter focuses on the differences we experience - the situation aspect - by describing the “consumer’s dilemma” (the very essence of being a consumer), problems connected with “cultural translation” and the concept of “modern childhood”.



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