The author took care to code all the questionnaires personally. The data from the questionnaires was typed onto a computer using the SIR (Scientific Information Retrieval) data system.

The data was extracted from SIR and tabulation and analysis carried out in SAS (Statistical Analysis System). The material has been summarised and analysed by means of frequency tabulation and numeric tables. Where relevant, X2-tests were carried out in order to check the homogeneity of the groups and independence between variables.

The children were split into two groups - one according to gender and one according to gender/age (4-5 year olds in one group and 6-10 year olds in the other) - which means that some analyses contain a total of two groups and others a total of four.

Age distribution means that the groups were homogenous in terms of the stage of development the children had reached. In approximately 75% of cases, the mother was the participating parent. In approximately 20% of cases, both parents participated. In only a few cases did the child participate without parental assistance or only with his father.



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