Introducing the model for understanding the consumer

The concept of “product positioning” is formed on the basis of a clear understanding of how consumers of any toy product understand, obtain and collect information about the toy.

Furthermore, the concept is formed on the basis of how all this information is stored in the consumer’s consciousness and recognition of the toy.

In a situation where he has to choose, the consumer evaluates a toy from the perspective of the prior information he/she possesses about the toy, about other toy products which might also be able to meet requirements and a number of associations related to possible opportunities for using the toy.

Processing this information and producing an analytic overview of all of these many and varied pieces of information and processes connected to consumer decisions when acquiring a toy - are basic premises for product positioning.

I am astonished how little of all this is taken into account in the theories concerned with positioning.

The many connections between the reasons why both children and adults as consumers process information about toys and their positions are therefore the basis for this model for understanding consumer circumstances.



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