Part V - Consumers and Product



Chapter 17 Consumer Ideology, Requirements and Needs

A. The ideological benefits (of purchase)

Sutton-Smith’s eight benefits

The purposes of toys, play and games

B. The personal benefits of purchase

Toys within the family unit

Toys within the pedagogical environment

Toys within the technological environment

Toys in marketing/advertising

Toys and Art


Chapter 18 Consumer Utility Maximisation

Utility Maximisation

A. Socio-psychological significance of the product

B. The individual appeal of the product


Chapter 19 Consumer Toy Collections

Children’s toy collections

Criteria for acquisition/purchase

Toys and children’s ages

Toys 4-5 year olds play with

Toys 6-10 year olds play with

Six year olds’ toy collections

Seven year olds’ toy collections

Eight year olds’ toy collections

Nine to ten year olds’ toy collections

Children’s favourite toys

6-10 year olds’ favourite toys

Parents’ favourite toys

Parents’ and children’s favourite toys 

The distinctions between girls’ and boys’ world of toys


Chapter 20 Consumer Segments and Toy Values

Qualitative toy values index

The loyal and the disloyal (casual) consumer

Segment overview

Toys, play and attitudes to the future