6-10 year olds’ favourite toys

Six-ten year old boys’ play is filled with cars, props/accessories and LEGO/DUPLO products (system and construction toys), together with war dolls and guardian dolls. Adult dolls (Barbie, less often Sindy and copy “fashion doll” products) are by far the most popular toys with girls, followed by miscellaneous props/accessories and drawing/cutting out/sticking. The girls’ favourite symbolic animal is the teddy bear.

Re traditional toys and “five minute wonder” toys as favourite toys

In more than 90% of cases children’s favourite toys are traditional toys.

For the boys, “five minute wonder” toys account for 5% of favourites (this figure is constant) and are certain war and guardian dolls (e.g. Turtles) with limited play concepts and “value” which enjoy short-term sales success in the wake of short-lived TV success.

For the girls, specific traditional implements and props/accessories become “cool” according to season (skipping, rolling “jacks”, hopscotch) and outdoor play with dolls and props/accessories.

“Five minute wonder” toys for girls are items such as collection pieces which gain significance in a wider perspective, ornaments or “new exciting crayons/felt pens”.



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