Part VI - Toy Positioning


Toy positioning

Toys as phenomenological objects 

Toys’ positional sign, text and codes 


Chapter 21 The Doll and the Human Being

The text or story

Dolls’ stories which text play

Types of dolls and their aesthetics

Dolls, doll universes - gender and appeal

Girls’ doll and dream universes

The girls’ classic doll universe

The older girls’ dream universe

The theatre/drama and fairy tale universe

The pseudo, parody and utopian universes

Boys’ doll and dream universes

The boys’ classic figure and doll universe

The older boys’ dream universe

The boys’ fairy tale, fantasy and war universe

The parody and the synthetic pseudo-universe

Universal value systems 

Toys, soaps and education

Barbie - soap and the synthetic pseudo-universe

GI Joe - soldier and socio-ecologist 


Chapter 22 Animal Figures

Compensation and soft toys

Transitional phenomena and toys

The value and significance of things

My little toy mouse - a soft animal toy 

Teddy - the world’s best bear

The animals and the farm


Chapter 23 Implements

Implements and toys - a development process

The tool box

Weapons and implements for catching/capturing

The car - the implement and the dream

Bicycle - self-control, experience and horizons


Drawing/colouring/cutting out/sticking

Tape cassette player - storyteller and music box

The implements of aggressive play


Chapter 24 Systems and Construction

The modern system concept or system toys

Construction toys

A note about “construction

Girls’ and boys’ construction toys and play

LEGO and DUPLO products - synonymous with theory and praxis concerning strategic and system constructions