Bicycle - skill, experience and horizons

Text of play with the toy

  • Bicycle rides, cycle races to see who comes first, riding bikes up and down the hill, play “tag” on bikes, making skid marks, flying off a ramp, robbers and soldiers, cowboy
  • The bicycleis used as a racing bicycle and a racing car, an aeroplane and a truck.
  • When I put cardboard on it, it sounds like a truck.
  • I go to kindergarten on my bike. I ride a little way ahead and my dad or my mum follow behind with my little sister in her pushchair. When they come and fetch me, I ride my bike home Sometimes I go to the car park - one which isn’t used very much. I ride my bike around up there with the girls from my street. To begin with I had a big stick on the back of my bike. My Dad ran behind me and held the stick while I rode my bike.
  • I ride my bike around on our road. There are very few cars. Either with my friend or with all the other children who live in our road. Sometimes we play cops and robbers. So we ride very fast. Other times we put our dolls into small bicycle And we have a picnic on the car park. Sometimes we take food with us.

Supplementary toys

  • The bicycleis used with:

Teddy bear, dolls, wheelbarrow, pistol, go-cart/soapbox cart, dressing up clothes, cardboard, clothes pegs, Nature play outdoors.

  • Boys’ play with bicycles and tricycles and supplementary toys:

Playmates, wheelbarrow, go cart/soapbox cart, Nature/outdoors play, dressing up (cowboys, etc.).

  • Girls’ play with bicycles and tricycles and supplementary toys:

Doll, rag doll, teddy bear, Nature/outdoors play.



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