The tool box

A tool box is a box with “real” tools that can be used by a child or by an adult. The majority of “instructions to parents” about play or use of the tools recommend that the child not only plays with the tools under adult supervision but just as often on his own.


  • My mum works at a sawmill and she gives me some wood. And when my mum is making something in her workshop, I make things on my workbench. Sometimes I go into the workshop on my own and make some gifts or just make ships, cars, shelves, mats or some imaginary things with new names.
  • Builds and repairs “everything” and imitates what the adults do and make in all kinds of ways.
  • Make new things for my big farm and play and repair.
  • Find good pieces of wood which I can build something out of.
  • Play at being at work and tidying up the toolsso that everything is in the right place.
  • When I am sawing and hammering, I do it in the garage with other children or with Dad. We make toys.

Supplementary toys

  • 4-5 year old boys use the following toys with the tools:

Worthless objects, boxes, wood, soldier/cowboy, farmyard/animals, garden implements, home inventory, cars, bicycle, go-cart, a variety of building materials, LEGO/DUPLO products.



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